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Bio-plastics made from sugar cane

SugarWrap’s goal is to create environmentally conscious alternatives to food safe plastics without using petrochemicals. Utilising a Bio-PE plastic made entirely from renewable sugar cane, SugarWrap has developed a range of sustainable, high quality kitchen plastics that perform like conventional products.

SugarWrap Bip-PE products are:
• Made with plant based material made from sugar cane
• Sustainable and environmentally responsible
• 100% Recyclable
• A certified bio-based material by the USDA
• BPA Free and 100% food safe
• Microwavable
• Freezable


SugarWrap’s Compostable Cling Wrap is certified 100% compostable in a domestic composting environment, breaking down within 12-24 weeks.

This is the perfect solution for everyday supermarket and grocery consumers seeking an eco-friendly solution to household cling wrap.

The SugarWrap range