About Us

About Us

While visiting the USA in the early 2000s the founders of Real Food Distributors encountered a host of really interesting, high quality grocery product. A lot of these products simply didn’t exist on grocery shelves in Australia at the time. This was the opportunity.

Real Food Distributors was formed in 2006, based in Melbourne, and our first import was a container of Organic Blue Tortilla Chips. This product received a good response. We slowly added more products sourced in the USA, mainly healthy snacks, and the risks started to pay off.

Since those humble beginnings Real Food Distributors has grown into a leading grocery wholesaler in Australia. We now carry some great Australian made product, as well as products sourced from around the world. We are recognised for innovative product, and exceptional customer service. Our sales team directly services NSW, the ACT, Victoria and Tasmania. Our distributor partners offer our products in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.

We remain passionate in our quest to find new exciting, high quality products. Watch this space!

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